Thursday, December 9, 2010

Detrick BBM Sesh

Fellow wordsmith and trapstar enthusiast Ben Detrick (You can follow him on the twitter, it's worthwhile @bdetrick) often have BBM convo's where pure lava is spit. I decided to transcribe one of those exchanges.


(Nothing was changed or edited. This is seriously how we speak to each other. It's sickening.)

Me: Susan Lucci Mane

BEN:Lucchi Gotta Crazy

You seen un prophet? Shit is grimy

The lead character is an Algerian looch

Me:I’m not sure I caught anything you just said

Ben:Italian gangster flick called “unprophet”

About a 19 year old Algerian looch-alike

Me:I think you’ve told me about it before

Ben:Nah, this my first time watching it

He also has a big cut on his face

Me: Ah of course. But does he have the streets on click clock?

Ben: Well he’s getting beaten and robbed in jail at the moment

Me: So I guess it’s not exactly my biopic

Ben: Mockumentary

Me: Blockumentary

Gods they sent for me


Me: I got stocks eventually

Guap for centuries

Ben: Glocks a plenty, no crocs on ben’s feet

Me:Docks are friendly, on yachts I met Meech

Ben: Vodka, lemonseed, schnaps, grenadine

Me: Wops break bread with me, pasta heavy cheese

Ben: Squash, celery ensconced in fennel beads

Lulz, this movie has a Nas song.

Me: That was fun.

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