Friday, December 10, 2010

I Tutor The Students

About a week ago I was doing my usual routine of hanging out with nobody in the Kingsborough cafeteria when I got a text from this shawty I know who goes to URI. She had an advertising assignment and was stuck on how to make it reach it's more fiyerr potential. The assignment was to come up with: A) a chocolate bar B) a sales pitch for said chocolate bar C) a video ad implementing said sales pitch about said chocolate bar.

Shawty is a mad good friend from back in the day when I hated cigarettes and she came to me for help so of course I had to think of something. So I told shawty "Yo shawty, don't worry, I gots you." I brainstormed with myself for a minute and hit shawty back with my idea.

Choc-Lock-N-Drop It. The Hip Hop Hershey's. BAOW! Oh you need a sales pitch? Lucian Up shawty, I gots you. Let's say you and all your shawtyz is finna go to the club but DAMN, now one shawty just ain't feeling it. Well luckily for her now there's Choc-Lock-N-Drop It. BAOW! BAOW! BAOW! Problem solved, time to hit the club and gets funky. As for the video, well, I'll let shawty and her shawtyz speak for themselves.